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The Brief

Employee wellbeing tool Dharma Index asked us to brand their bespoke consultancy service. We were briefed to create a brand strategy, positioning, and visual identity that embodied their values.

dharma index Mac book and phone

The Insight

Underperformance and inefficiency within businesses are often the result of confused, unmotivated or unhappy staff. Identifying the root cause of an individual’s behaviour is key to finding a solution for the employee and the business.

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The Solution

Talking directly to employers and business owners – we prompted them to take control. Your people, your business. We created a new brand strategy, identity, positioning and a suite of brand assets for use across platforms.

dharma brand guidelines

The Testimonial

“Thank you for the work on the Dharma Index, it’s very impressive.”

Nathan Gralton | Director, Dharma Index


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