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The Brief

We were approached by Metrocentre – one of Europes largest indoor shopping centres in early 2019 with a brief to help them attract additional footfall to the centre during the kids summer holidays in July and August.


The Insight

As well as simply driving footfall Metrocentre also set several other objectives that whatever we came up with would have to deliver on.

The first additional objective was that the campaign had to pull families to the centre.

The second objective was to ensure visitors are exploring the Metrocentre in it’s entirety and not just the areas they may be familiar with.

The third objective was to increase dwell time within the centre.

The fourth and final objective was to ensure the retailers were a big part of any campaign or concept we were to devise.

The Solution

After spending time brainstorming concepts we landed on one solution that we were confident would hit each objective we had been set.

Firstly, what brand appeals to children above any other – Disney.

By using such a well known brand and it’s iconic character Mickey Mouse we decided that a combination of technology coupled with the traditional children’s game of treasure hunt would help us achieve the above objectives.

We created a bespoke digital platform that allowed Metrocentre visitors the chance to register and play “Unlock The Magic” for the chance to win the main prize of a trip to Disneyland Paris.

The aim of the game was simple, there had been 300 Mickey stickers hidden throughout the whole of the Metrocentre, each with their own unique QR code that you had to scan with your smart phone in order to collect that Mickey.

As well as the main prize there were also prizes and discount codes available when certain thresholds were hit I.e. collect 20 Mickeys and receive a 10% discount code for use in the Disney Store.

Another key element to the campaign was that users progress was saved allowing them to return on another occasion and pick the hunt back up where they left it.

Our post campaign analysis showed that we had over 4,900 registered users who scanned over 394,530 Mickeys over the 6 week period.

Save to say we had a very happy client in Metrocentre who will be looking to run the campaign again in 2021.


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