Road Monster

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The Brief

West Mercia and Warwickshire Police’s Road Safety team asked us to create a multi-platform campaign to discourage dangerous driving.

The Insight

There had been a recent sharp spike in road accidents. The client’s research found that distractions were often the cause. A main distraction was how badly we can often behave when we’re alone in the car. Research found we are quick to anger, often compromising both our own safety, and others, to ‘make a point’ to another drive. Often we feel untouchable in our cars.

The Solution

Our creatives knew that more traditional, ‘safer’ style campaigns would simply be ignored. We agreed with the client that we had to do something thought-provoking and unexpected to really talk to the bad driver inside us all. We agreed that adverts that ‘pointed the finger’ feel preachy. And we wanted didn’t want to do that. Our solution was to create content that wasn’t just informative, but slick and cool, with cut-through visuals. And that solution was Road Monster. Puppets were a great because they didn’t point the finger at any one type of person, yet they were accessible and really watchable. We could create any sort of scenario – because we built it all from scratch. And we were able to craft exaggerated versions of real-life scenarios that were both funny and relatable. While we provided the creative direction, we worked with the brilliant Second Home Studios, a Birmingham-based animation house, who created all our stunning characters, sets and visuals.

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