Royal Shakespeare Company

Video Production

The Brief

We were briefed to create a video in partnership of Royal Shakespeare Company and our annual Hits Live event. The video would be promoting their show of “Taming of the shrew” where they turned Shakespeare’s fierce, energetic comedy of gender and materialism on its head to offer a fresh perspective on its portrayal of power and hierarchy. It’s a show where we see women taking charge.

The Insight

Royal Shakespeare Company is a theatre in the hometown of William Shakespeare, a place where his plays come to life. Everyone in their company, from actors to armourers, musicians to technicians, the people serving your interval drinks to their ushers, play a big part in creating the world you see on stage. Wherever you experience the RSC, you experience work made in Shakespeare’s home town.

The Solution

With the video to appear on the big screens during our Hits Live in between artists, we decided to pair the show with Beyonce’s iconic song “Run the world” and have the cast lip sync to the music video. The video was mirrored as close to Beyonce’s music video as possible to create a clever collaboration of advertising their show in situ of our popular music event.


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