SPT – Glasgow Subway

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The Brief

Our brief was to create an ad campaign across radio and TV and produce a series of designs for display within SPT’s subway stations, communicate the benefits of using Glasgow’s subway – speed and value.

The Insight

The Subway connects more than just places – it connects people too.

There is a story behind every journey: where they’re going, who they’re meeting and why.

subway poster

The Solution

We produced 15 stories, one per station, each one featuring a main character who uses the subway as part of their daily life.

All the stories connected up to complete one circle to reflect the train line.

These included multiple demographics and walks of life to show that the subway is for all.

We also produced a tv ad for that was delivered through Sky and STV, which was a quick summary of some of the stories with bespoke music written by our in-house production team.

This was edited fast paced with hidden jump cuts to match the seamlessness and efficiency of the subway.

subway posters tiled

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