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The Brief

UKEM initially approached us as part of a rebrand and website development piece of work.

From this initial meeting it was clear that there was a huge opportunity for us to work together and really help UKEM grow.

The Insight

UKEM help provide funding to allow home owners the chance to replace and update inefficient heating systems or provide insulation and are able to provide support across the full UK.

Ultimately their service is at zero cost to the home owner meaning the target market for the client is huge.

The Solution

The first objective was to re-brand from B-Ecosmart as although it worked when the business first started, the “eco” element of the name was hindering the company from moving into other non-eco areas of support.

After creating the new branding assets we also pulled together a new website for the client as well as marketing assets and business stationery.

We then began working on a Social and PPC campaign targeting those households with the potential of old and inefficient heating systems.

Across social and PPC we were able to generated thousands of leads each month for the client.

So, what can we create for you..?

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