Work Webi

Radio Advertising

The Brief

New company Work Webi were launching a new ‘Recruitment App’. They were looking to increase their share of voice in the recruitment sector and needed to populate the app with Recruiters and Job seekers. We had to educate their market on the benefits of the app and build a trusted brand perception.

The Insight

We knew that the company offered a solution that was far cheaper than agencies at just £4.99 per employer, and that their app offered a simple and quick service for users, so we wanted to capture that honest and simple message while raising brand awareness and profile.

The Solution

We launched a radio campaign to launch the App and explain the benefits clearly. We produced 3 animated videos, one as a “How to use this App” guide that was hosted on the clients home page, plus 2 30 second videos for Social sharing; one targeting employers and one for the candidates. We combined this activity with a virtual stand at ‘The Free Your Futures Virtual Careers Fair’, with presenter video’s, a virtually manned stand with a ‘host’ video, as well as Targeted Social Posts and Native Social Campaigns.

There was a strong uptake of downloads of the App and their online activity for the ‘Free Your Future Virtual Careers Fair’ had a total social campaign reach of 125,118.

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