How we work - Bauer Create

How we work

We Create

Of course, Bauer Create offers everything you’d expect from a full-service Marketing Agency – such as radio and TV ads, Print advertising, Digital Marketing – including websites and Social Media. But where Bauer Create is different, is that we also offer customer profiling, customer journey mapping, Vox Pop interviews and focus groups too. These give us a more in-depth insight into which of the services will be most effective for talking to people about your brand – or whether we have to create something brand new.

We Inspire

At Bauer Create, we pride ourselves on finding the most effective way to inspire your customers. Inspire them to share your brand’s message. Inspire them to visit your attraction. Inspire them to visit your website. Inspire them to take action and of course, inspire them to buy your product instead of your competitors.

We Connect

Next time you’re on a train, look around you at your fellow passengers.

These people have all got their own lives, worries and joys. We have no idea what they did yesterday – or what they going to do for the rest of their lives after they leave the train. You can tell roughly how old they are, whether they’re male or female and you can take a rough guess at what their ethnicity is. But other than that, they’re just passengers.

That’s how most Marketing Agencies view your customers. As demographic splits on a spread sheet.

But at Bauer Create, we see things differently. We see the real people – not the statistics. By getting to know the people who buy your brand… their likes, their dislikes, what makes them buy or (more importantly) not buy your brand… we can help you make your brand’s messages more targeted and effective.

That’s why we take a media-neutral approach to every project we work on. Because how can we possibly know the best way to talk to your customers – until we learn how they prefer to be talked to?